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Pinwheel_indexHelpwithgrief.org exists for one purpose - to provide information and support to people who are grieving and those who want to help them. There is nothing for sale, no advertisements, no requests for donations because this site is a gift to grieving people and those who care about them.

This website reflects years of work with grieving people, and so it honors the experiences of those I have worked with, and it exists as a living memorial to those whose deaths created the broken hearts that were shared with me.

This is a site based on professional experience, research, and knowledge -- but always with an awareness of how very painful and difficult grief is in our lives. I have written almost all of the pages on the site; I appreciate the special "First Hand" pages written for this site by bereaved people.

Although focused on grief following the death of a loved one, much of the information on this website is applicable to grief following other types of losses as well. I hope that no matter what the cause of your broken heart, you will find useful information on this website.

Thank you for visiting -- and welcome to the site that no one wants to need...

Mary-Ann Sontag Bowman, Ph.D., LCSW
University of Montana
Missoula, Montana